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Dr. Michael Keeve, Dean

The College of Science, Engineering & Technology
Norfolk State University
700 Park Avenue
Norfolk, Virginia 23504

   Tele: 757.823.8180
    Fax: 757.823.9114

NSU - Norfolk State University

Center of Excellence:

Center for Materials Research

The Center for Materials Research (CMR) conducts cutting edge research in well-equipped facilities in areas of crystal growth and nanotechnology, polymer processing , thin film deposition, nonlinear optics and laser design, optical spectroscopy and magnetic resonance. CMR faculty members are energetic researchers dedicated to furthering knowledge in their respective disciplines. They focus on research problems of fundamental and practical importance in photonics and spin electronics, and make substantive efforts to cooperate with other universities, industry, and government laboratories.

Facilities include:

  • A Crystal Growth Lab where novel crystals for laser use are prepared
  • A Materials Analysis Lab for probing materials developed in the CMR
  • An Organic Synthesis Lab where novel organic and polymeric materials are synthesized and characterized
  • A Laser Spectroscopy Lab which provide ultra fast, tunable optical light pulses
  • A Thin Film Lab, NMR Lab, and an ESR Lab

The CMR offers exciting research opportunities for undergraduate chemistry and physics majors. Students are paid to work on original scientific projects, present results at national and international conferences, and help prepare articles for publication.

The CMR also houses the Master's of Science in Materials Science Program. Student's complete 33 credit hours of course work, and prepare a thesis presenting original research results obtained on campus, or through one of the CMR partners' facilities.

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