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NSU - Norfolk State University
CSC 372: Chapters

Chapter 2: Algorithm Analysis
Mathematical Background
Big Oh Notation
Evaluating Algorithms

Chapter 3: Lists, Stacks, and Queues
The List ADT
The Stack ADT
The Queue ADT

Chapter 4: Trees
Binary Trees and Traversals
Binary Serach Trees (and ADT)
AVL Trees and other tree balancing
B-Trees (optional)

Chapter 5: Hashing
Hashing Functions
Open and Closed Hashing

Chapter 6: Priority Queues and Heaps
Binary Heap
Heap-Order Property
Basic Heap Operations

Chapter 7: Sorting
O(N2)Sorting Algorithms
O(N lg N) Sorting Algorithms
Linear order sorting

Chapter 9: Graph Algorithms
Definiations and Representations
Topological sort
Shortest-Paths (Dijjkstra's Algorithm)
Network Flow (optional)
Minimum Spanning Tree
Depth-first and Breadth-first searches and traversals

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