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NSU - Norfolk State University
CSC 372: Syllabus

Text: Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in C++, 2nd Edition by Mark Allen Weiss, Addison Wesley, 1999, ISBN: 0-201-36122-1

Credit: 3 Hours

References: C++ Plus Data Structures, 3rd Edition by Nell Dale, Jones and Bartlett, 2003

Course Description: An analysis of data structures and algorithms using C++ as the implementation language. Detailed examination of lists, trees, graphs, file structures, and the use of formal methods. Emphasis is placed on the development and analysis of efficient algorithms.

Prerequisite: CSC 260 Computer Programming II (No Exceptions!!!)

 Subjective: Instructor Discretion  
  Homework and Laboratories 15%
  Test and Quizzes   30%
  Programming Assignments   35%
 Final Exam 20%

Main Objective

• To develop skills in implementing data structures.
• To develop an awareness of alternative algorithms for sorting, searching, and manipulating data.

Course Outline

• Mathematical Preliminaries
• Review of Basic Data Structures and Algorithms

    o Stacks
    o Queues, Priority Queues
    o Binary Trees
    o Sets
    o Greedy, Divide and Conquer, Backtracking, and Branch-and-bound methods
• Advanced Tree Structures
    o AVL
    o B
    o Digital Search
    o Game Trees
• Comparisons, Analysis, and Evaluation of Sorting Techniques
• Graphs
• Comparisons, Analysis, and Evaluation of Searching Techniques
• Files and External Data Structures
• Evaluation (5 hours)

Attendance Policy
The University expects students to attend all classes. While unnecessary absences are discouraged, the University recognizes that on occasion, students may have legitimate reasons for being absent from class such as representing the University in activities, illnesses, or personal emergencies. If the student is absent when a quiz or test is given, you must see the instructor and make arrangements before the next class meeting. Make-up quizzes are not given because of the exam/quiz replacement grade policy.

Tutoring Laboratory
Tutoring services are available, by posted schedule, in Room C-215 Brown Hall. Faculty or upperclassmen provide assistance to students who may be experiencing difficulties in mathematics or computer science classes.

Academic Integrity Standards
The department requires all work that contributes to a student's grade to be the unaided work of the student. Copying another's work, working together, asking others for help and giving help are not ethical and prohibited. The only allowable source of help is the instructor. These rules apply to homework, tests, quizzes, laboratory exercises, take-home examinations and in-class examinations. When exceptions are made to this collaboration policy, as in the case of group projects, the cooperation that is allowed will be explained by the instructor.

Any violation of the above rules or any other form of dishonesty, for example, changing an answer on an examination paper that has been returned and claiming credit for the corrected answer, will be treated seriously by the Department. In most cases, the students involved will immediately fail the course. Except in exceptional cases, where it can be demonstrated that work has been stolen from a student without the student's knowledge, the same penalties will apply to the provider and the copier.

Comprehensive Examination
Some of the material in this course will be included in the comprehensive examination all Computer Science majors are required to take prior to graduation.

Writing Competency Assessment
All students who matriculate at Norfolk State University beginning Fall Semester 2001 and thereafter, will be required to take "entry" and "exit" examinations to assess their writing competency. Both examinations will be administered by the English Department during enrollment in English 101 and 102 respectively. The entry examination is untimed, multiple-choice, and computerized. The exit examination is a two-hour, essay format, and the topic will be relevant to the student's discipline. Therefore, students enrolled in Computer Science courses will be required to complete writing assignments in addition to other requirements to assist them in their preparation for the exit examination. All students are required to take the exit examination prior to completing 90 semester hours.

Students with Disabilities
In accordance with Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, we ask if you have a disability please make contact with the Supporting Students through Disabilities Services (SSDS) Office. The office is located in Room 309, Mills E. Godwin Building, University Counseling Center or call (757) 832-8173 or (757) 832-2409

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